NTSPR, LLC. are exclusive distributors of Green Technologies like Mixed Oxidants and Nano Tech.

The Mixed Oxidants was a technology developed in 1980 for the United States Army to provide them a simple and portable alternative for water disinfection. This is based in a electrolytic process of salt and water that produce a mixture of oxidants that presents a performance and efficiency for disinfection superior to the conventional oxidants. Since 1994 was begin to manufacture the commercial units for globally distribution. Actually, there are more than 1,500 units installed around the world. NTSPR, LLC. are the exclusive distributors of MIOX.

The Nano Tech is a technology of magnetic fields highly sophisticated that started in 1986. This technology provide significant  savings to your company, controlling permanently corrosion and removing the chemical insulating film, scaling and algae. The Nano Tech eliminates the superficial tension of water providing a better heat transfer, even in clean systems. Also, eliminates the use of hazardous chemicals while helping to conserve the environment. NTSPR, LLC. are the exclusive distributors of NTS- Nano Tech.

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